Sunday, October 31, 2010

repentance released

Running my self into the ground
 Deafening is the Self loathing super natural soothsayer's  foreboding howl
I hide behind my cowl
Under cover of darkness is not dark enough
The hounds of hell growl
foreshadowing my demise
I see it before me but I welcome it I don't despise
If there is a hell it's better than here
Any kind of sanity I only see in a rear view mirror

Fatal choices on the left hand path rejoices
Glum gluttonous hedon voices fall on deaf ears
Sedated cadence of the dirge dances on your fears

Burial cloth boiling in a broth of dragon tears
Descend deceit from the dungeon repentance released
impoverished empires dispirited are revered

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bury you in my mind

dirty from trying to dig up the grave that I buried you in my mind
I got half way and realized it wasn't worth my time
Now I'm sitting on 3 feet of dirt that seperates you from me in my thoughts
I would keep digging but I'm reminded of the lesson I was taught
It's just a good idea that I keep you there
If I need to find you I know exactly where
Maybe when it rains in my dreams it'll wash the rest of the dirt away
Maybe you'll float to the top of my reoccuring theme and ruin another day

Guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I think about it
I hope you stay down there but for some reason I doubt it
Don't look forward to seeing your hand reach out from under the dirt
Knowing better but knowing my subconscious ressurrected you burns
Back from the dead in my head again
How many times do I have to kill you in my head old friend
Guess I'll just do it one more time
Get another shovel and once again bury you in my my mind

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is yet to come

oh the attrocities we have yet to unleash
the dictators that are yet to be
They will erase what was done before
then do it worse, sell it to you, make you come back for more
We are the plague virus running though the earth's veins
She will purge us, whip us with a scurge us, When she's done with us fucking her insane

Now dorment she lies waiting for those attrocities and allibis. New chapters of Indoctrination to be wrote
in these Will we also have her by the throat? Will I be able to look in the mirror and see? That everything

I hate is me but, I am just a grain of sand in this wasteland of bomb shelters and one night stands. Drink up!
She's strong she'll rid herself of man..... when she's done with us. again and again and again... hahahahahahahahahaha