Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am a sloth like phoenix slowly rising/Auto erotic asphyxiation morning

I am a sloth like phoenix slowly rising
From the depths of despair I crawl out slightly
I have a winter home at rock bottom
Seasonal affective disorder's darling
Santa Claus repels out of the copter to the front line
Into the fox hole
illusion of control
leather belt a noose not this time

Auto erotic asphyxiation morning
Rise and shine my soul is swine
The lepers are lonely
I mortgage my shrine the payments are fine
Taken away are the only
Things that matter to a victim complex Mad hatter
Woe is me but it always gets better

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

judgement is the delusion

judgement is the delusion of the self righteous
Mental pacification by thoughts of superiority
Figments of the imagination are what your mind believes
Who am I to point the finger
I have done these things myself
Straddling hypocracy hiding behind anger
I've made the realization that this is the road to hell

Your one trick pony will never win the rodeo
But you'll ride it forever because it's all you have and all you know
Too many chiefs and not enough indians
Been done wrong by too many and not forgiving them
That's ok I've done many wrong and they're not forgiving anytime soon

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a head fucked from words said

Devotion is destitution
Seperation is solution
A suit of armor suits you
For what affection will do
A head fucked from words said
That twist the thoughts that you dread

A intellect with acne vulgaris
Ignorance is not what scares us
It's knowing better that horrifies
There is no bliss in your eyes
This is love's adverse affects
This is what hatred expects
No winner No loser just blurred lines
The evolution of interaction refined
Life comes before the deadline

Friday, December 24, 2010

Lookin for a hand out


"lookin for a  hand out"

I don't wanna do anything for myself
I wanna leave that to some one else
I don't wanna work everyday
I just wanna live off your pay
Your taxes pay for my check
I don't have any self respect
I only look for the easy way out
and I'm gonna fucking shout

Lookin for a hand out (x4)


I'm gonna have 7 kids
It's gonna make my welfare check so big
On foodstamps steak and lobster I'll eat
This is the way it will always be
livin off the working class with out a doubt
I'll always be there

Lookin for a hand out (x4)
lookin for a hand out (x4)


Thank you lefty's for your sympathy
Please protect us from the right wing
They wanna make us work
They are a bunch of jerks
Fuck your tea bags I'll make Ice tea
That I payed with with ebt
When you finally beat my as for moochin hard
It's ok I have a medical card
I'll recover and I'll fucking shout

Lookin for a hand out (X4)
Lookin for a hand out (X4)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A hog's happiness

"Ignorance is like the animal existence. The animal's life is full of suffering, but the animal does not know that he is suffering. Take the case of the hog. Of course, here in New York, no hog is seen. But in villages in India one sees the hog. Oh how miserable his life is, living in a filthy place, eating stools and always unclean. Yet the hog is very happy by eating stools, and having constant sexual intercourse with the she hog and just getting fat. The hog gets very fat, because of the spirit of enjoyment which is there, although for him, it is sensual enjoyment. We should not be like the hog, falsely thinking that we are very happy. Working hard all day and night, then having some sex life. We think that in this way we are very happy. But this is not happiness. This has been described in the Bhagavatam as a hog's happiness. Man's happiness is when he is situated in the mode of goodness. Then he can understand what true happiness is." -HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA From Krsna the reservoir of pleasure

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can the Kingdom of indifference care?

My love is a funeral and you're in the casket
My love killed you by force of habit
My heart is a grave and you'll be buried with me there
The dirt shoveled on my face is what I crave
Can the kingdom of indifference care?
Longevity's life cut short by the lines it snorts
The ship will never see the shore
Solitiude out of reach but I'll never stop reaching for her hair to twirl around my fingers
Kiss her neck with the kiss of death
You have to have respect for the end bringer

Don't cheat the reaper

All the damsels in distress dazed by the symphony being played in their veins
I just want to escape with them from the everyday mundane
9-5 to fund the vice that keeps it alive
It's not enough so she steals to taste the honey in the hive... mind
Nodding off the deep end
Needles and burnt spoons are her only friends
Dragon chased life replaced with a slow death
The reaper cheated, The coffin defeated, He can't take your soul there's none left