Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can the Kingdom of indifference care?

My love is a funeral and you're in the casket
My love killed you by force of habit
My heart is a grave and you'll be buried with me there
The dirt shoveled on my face is what I crave
Can the kingdom of indifference care?
Longevity's life cut short by the lines it snorts
The ship will never see the shore
Solitiude out of reach but I'll never stop reaching for her hair to twirl around my fingers
Kiss her neck with the kiss of death
You have to have respect for the end bringer

Don't cheat the reaper

All the damsels in distress dazed by the symphony being played in their veins
I just want to escape with them from the everyday mundane
9-5 to fund the vice that keeps it alive
It's not enough so she steals to taste the honey in the hive... mind
Nodding off the deep end
Needles and burnt spoons are her only friends
Dragon chased life replaced with a slow death
The reaper cheated, The coffin defeated, He can't take your soul there's none left

Milk & Honey sold for Drug Money

Absorb the blood from the shroud that radiates from the clouds
Messiah's masturbate through their stigmatas so proud
Crown of thorns licked clean by condors
They soar drunk on the holy spirit and laugh like whores
Hymns defecated by the vindicated are sung by hung jury's.
The shit stains salivate over the scrap metal sold that use to be heaven's gates
Lucifer oversees the estate sale
Milk & Honey sold for drug money tells the tale
Bedroom eyes stare at the milk white thighs
Between them I'm absolved of my sins as I die

I sway alone

Why does every woman I hold turn to dust in my arms?
Why does my love so strong burn the stars?
Why does the cemetery serenade me so sweet?
Why does death sweep me off my feet?
Why is my memory of her a corpse I can't bury?
Why can't I forget?
Why can't I write the obituary?
An entity unseen becomes my queen.
Her throne my home.
She dances in my head.
I sway alone.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser

I'm writing lyrics for my fake r&b album called Beggin for pussy music vol 2(in the poop shoot)

"Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser"

(verse 1)
You know your girl... who is your world
You think she's safe with me because of my obesity
You think big guys are safety nets
You think fat boys can't make your girl sweat
Well.... You got that wrong muthafukka... because...

Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser
When you're not lookin I date her
She gives me yo paper... and buys me foood!

(verse 2)
I like to spend time
Not wine and dine(ok I like to dine whispered)
When you're not lookin... yo girl is mine.
She loves my belly
She's ready for my jelly
Because it's too bellylicious and so nutritious


(Spoken in a 250 dollars worth of puddin voice)

Yo girl when she's with me I whisper in her softly in her ear
Lets hit the buffet baby with no fear
Then girl you can ride it on top
Because I'm lazy but I like to rock
Then when we're done havin fun
You can go back to yo man that thinks you're one

Monday, November 1, 2010

Emperor of the undead

Majestic after death reign unparalleled in pain
victual of subjects living psychotic and deranged
Their blood flows on the court and floods the kingdom sanguine

The emperor of the undead's legion of dread
Roams the earth to gather those not fed
They bring them to the king to devour at the feast of his ascendancy
The emperor of the undead assimilates the living
Death is their fate Hell on earth molten are hell's gates

Lust for flesh... made paramount gathered unceasingly because the wicked know no rest
Until the earth is conquered and the undead rule
The emperor's legion will be his tool
No where for the living to hide
Omnipresent the dead will rise
The emperor of the undead will never abstain from feasting on the flesh of the humane
On the cathedra the emperor sits as sand falls through the hour glass and the living vanish