Monday, November 1, 2010

Emperor of the undead

Majestic after death reign unparalleled in pain
victual of subjects living psychotic and deranged
Their blood flows on the court and floods the kingdom sanguine

The emperor of the undead's legion of dread
Roams the earth to gather those not fed
They bring them to the king to devour at the feast of his ascendancy
The emperor of the undead assimilates the living
Death is their fate Hell on earth molten are hell's gates

Lust for flesh... made paramount gathered unceasingly because the wicked know no rest
Until the earth is conquered and the undead rule
The emperor's legion will be his tool
No where for the living to hide
Omnipresent the dead will rise
The emperor of the undead will never abstain from feasting on the flesh of the humane
On the cathedra the emperor sits as sand falls through the hour glass and the living vanish

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