Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am a sloth like phoenix slowly rising/Auto erotic asphyxiation morning

I am a sloth like phoenix slowly rising
From the depths of despair I crawl out slightly
I have a winter home at rock bottom
Seasonal affective disorder's darling
Santa Claus repels out of the copter to the front line
Into the fox hole
illusion of control
leather belt a noose not this time

Auto erotic asphyxiation morning
Rise and shine my soul is swine
The lepers are lonely
I mortgage my shrine the payments are fine
Taken away are the only
Things that matter to a victim complex Mad hatter
Woe is me but it always gets better

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

judgement is the delusion

judgement is the delusion of the self righteous
Mental pacification by thoughts of superiority
Figments of the imagination are what your mind believes
Who am I to point the finger
I have done these things myself
Straddling hypocracy hiding behind anger
I've made the realization that this is the road to hell

Your one trick pony will never win the rodeo
But you'll ride it forever because it's all you have and all you know
Too many chiefs and not enough indians
Been done wrong by too many and not forgiving them
That's ok I've done many wrong and they're not forgiving anytime soon

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a head fucked from words said

Devotion is destitution
Seperation is solution
A suit of armor suits you
For what affection will do
A head fucked from words said
That twist the thoughts that you dread

A intellect with acne vulgaris
Ignorance is not what scares us
It's knowing better that horrifies
There is no bliss in your eyes
This is love's adverse affects
This is what hatred expects
No winner No loser just blurred lines
The evolution of interaction refined
Life comes before the deadline

Friday, December 24, 2010

Lookin for a hand out


"lookin for a  hand out"

I don't wanna do anything for myself
I wanna leave that to some one else
I don't wanna work everyday
I just wanna live off your pay
Your taxes pay for my check
I don't have any self respect
I only look for the easy way out
and I'm gonna fucking shout

Lookin for a hand out (x4)


I'm gonna have 7 kids
It's gonna make my welfare check so big
On foodstamps steak and lobster I'll eat
This is the way it will always be
livin off the working class with out a doubt
I'll always be there

Lookin for a hand out (x4)
lookin for a hand out (x4)


Thank you lefty's for your sympathy
Please protect us from the right wing
They wanna make us work
They are a bunch of jerks
Fuck your tea bags I'll make Ice tea
That I payed with with ebt
When you finally beat my as for moochin hard
It's ok I have a medical card
I'll recover and I'll fucking shout

Lookin for a hand out (X4)
Lookin for a hand out (X4)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A hog's happiness

"Ignorance is like the animal existence. The animal's life is full of suffering, but the animal does not know that he is suffering. Take the case of the hog. Of course, here in New York, no hog is seen. But in villages in India one sees the hog. Oh how miserable his life is, living in a filthy place, eating stools and always unclean. Yet the hog is very happy by eating stools, and having constant sexual intercourse with the she hog and just getting fat. The hog gets very fat, because of the spirit of enjoyment which is there, although for him, it is sensual enjoyment. We should not be like the hog, falsely thinking that we are very happy. Working hard all day and night, then having some sex life. We think that in this way we are very happy. But this is not happiness. This has been described in the Bhagavatam as a hog's happiness. Man's happiness is when he is situated in the mode of goodness. Then he can understand what true happiness is." -HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA From Krsna the reservoir of pleasure

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can the Kingdom of indifference care?

My love is a funeral and you're in the casket
My love killed you by force of habit
My heart is a grave and you'll be buried with me there
The dirt shoveled on my face is what I crave
Can the kingdom of indifference care?
Longevity's life cut short by the lines it snorts
The ship will never see the shore
Solitiude out of reach but I'll never stop reaching for her hair to twirl around my fingers
Kiss her neck with the kiss of death
You have to have respect for the end bringer

Don't cheat the reaper

All the damsels in distress dazed by the symphony being played in their veins
I just want to escape with them from the everyday mundane
9-5 to fund the vice that keeps it alive
It's not enough so she steals to taste the honey in the hive... mind
Nodding off the deep end
Needles and burnt spoons are her only friends
Dragon chased life replaced with a slow death
The reaper cheated, The coffin defeated, He can't take your soul there's none left

Milk & Honey sold for Drug Money

Absorb the blood from the shroud that radiates from the clouds
Messiah's masturbate through their stigmatas so proud
Crown of thorns licked clean by condors
They soar drunk on the holy spirit and laugh like whores
Hymns defecated by the vindicated are sung by hung jury's.
The shit stains salivate over the scrap metal sold that use to be heaven's gates
Lucifer oversees the estate sale
Milk & Honey sold for drug money tells the tale
Bedroom eyes stare at the milk white thighs
Between them I'm absolved of my sins as I die

I sway alone

Why does every woman I hold turn to dust in my arms?
Why does my love so strong burn the stars?
Why does the cemetery serenade me so sweet?
Why does death sweep me off my feet?
Why is my memory of her a corpse I can't bury?
Why can't I forget?
Why can't I write the obituary?
An entity unseen becomes my queen.
Her throne my home.
She dances in my head.
I sway alone.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser

I'm writing lyrics for my fake r&b album called Beggin for pussy music vol 2(in the poop shoot)

"Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser"

(verse 1)
You know your girl... who is your world
You think she's safe with me because of my obesity
You think big guys are safety nets
You think fat boys can't make your girl sweat
Well.... You got that wrong muthafukka... because...

Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser
When you're not lookin I date her
She gives me yo paper... and buys me foood!

(verse 2)
I like to spend time
Not wine and dine(ok I like to dine whispered)
When you're not lookin... yo girl is mine.
She loves my belly
She's ready for my jelly
Because it's too bellylicious and so nutritious


(Spoken in a 250 dollars worth of puddin voice)

Yo girl when she's with me I whisper in her softly in her ear
Lets hit the buffet baby with no fear
Then girl you can ride it on top
Because I'm lazy but I like to rock
Then when we're done havin fun
You can go back to yo man that thinks you're one

Monday, November 1, 2010

Emperor of the undead

Majestic after death reign unparalleled in pain
victual of subjects living psychotic and deranged
Their blood flows on the court and floods the kingdom sanguine

The emperor of the undead's legion of dread
Roams the earth to gather those not fed
They bring them to the king to devour at the feast of his ascendancy
The emperor of the undead assimilates the living
Death is their fate Hell on earth molten are hell's gates

Lust for flesh... made paramount gathered unceasingly because the wicked know no rest
Until the earth is conquered and the undead rule
The emperor's legion will be his tool
No where for the living to hide
Omnipresent the dead will rise
The emperor of the undead will never abstain from feasting on the flesh of the humane
On the cathedra the emperor sits as sand falls through the hour glass and the living vanish

Sunday, October 31, 2010

repentance released

Running my self into the ground
 Deafening is the Self loathing super natural soothsayer's  foreboding howl
I hide behind my cowl
Under cover of darkness is not dark enough
The hounds of hell growl
foreshadowing my demise
I see it before me but I welcome it I don't despise
If there is a hell it's better than here
Any kind of sanity I only see in a rear view mirror

Fatal choices on the left hand path rejoices
Glum gluttonous hedon voices fall on deaf ears
Sedated cadence of the dirge dances on your fears

Burial cloth boiling in a broth of dragon tears
Descend deceit from the dungeon repentance released
impoverished empires dispirited are revered

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bury you in my mind

dirty from trying to dig up the grave that I buried you in my mind
I got half way and realized it wasn't worth my time
Now I'm sitting on 3 feet of dirt that seperates you from me in my thoughts
I would keep digging but I'm reminded of the lesson I was taught
It's just a good idea that I keep you there
If I need to find you I know exactly where
Maybe when it rains in my dreams it'll wash the rest of the dirt away
Maybe you'll float to the top of my reoccuring theme and ruin another day

Guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I think about it
I hope you stay down there but for some reason I doubt it
Don't look forward to seeing your hand reach out from under the dirt
Knowing better but knowing my subconscious ressurrected you burns
Back from the dead in my head again
How many times do I have to kill you in my head old friend
Guess I'll just do it one more time
Get another shovel and once again bury you in my my mind

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is yet to come

oh the attrocities we have yet to unleash
the dictators that are yet to be
They will erase what was done before
then do it worse, sell it to you, make you come back for more
We are the plague virus running though the earth's veins
She will purge us, whip us with a scurge us, When she's done with us fucking her insane

Now dorment she lies waiting for those attrocities and allibis. New chapters of Indoctrination to be wrote
in these Will we also have her by the throat? Will I be able to look in the mirror and see? That everything

I hate is me but, I am just a grain of sand in this wasteland of bomb shelters and one night stands. Drink up!
She's strong she'll rid herself of man..... when she's done with us. again and again and again... hahahahahahahahahaha

Monday, September 27, 2010

List of bands/projects I've been in & members

Apocrypha-Practice only
Polish Corn dogs-shows only 1 live recording
Killbot- lost recordings shows

Profligate-1 show opening for D.R.I. live recording of that show exists
Warhel-Shows and Glorification of war demo
Back Stabbath-Lost recordings
Snutskallar-practicice only
Spectral Blacksmith-Recordings
Latrine Queens-Practice only
Simian Ratticus-Practice only
Wizards of Ghetto Mountain-shows, recordings, current and ongoing

Apocrypha was the first band I was in. We were a metal band and we never made it out of Kris Hillen's garage. lol the line up was Myself on vocals, Kris Hillen on drums, Gram rabey on bass, and Joey Cutler on guitar. Kris went on to join Human racist then Syphilis death Squad, and now is in Killbot. Joey cutler went on to join the Two Bit Hoods, then joined the Dig its. he was also in 90's huntington death metal band disinter who later changed their name to Wraithborn before disbanding.

Polish Corn dogs was a thrash punk band. The line up was Myself on vocals, Justin Steele on guitar, Rick Steele on drums, Mat Jones on bass, John Lang guitar for one gig, Josh york played guitar for a couple of gigs. Justin and Rick are now doing The fabulous brothers steele. Mat Jones went on to name and help form appalachian terror unit but was fired from the group.

Killbot was and is a Hardcore punk band  The original line up was Myself on vocals, Paul ristow on guitar, Luke Belville on bass and Steve Martin on drums. Paul Ristow was in huntington's first punk band Anti everything(correct me if I'm wrong)  Numerous chicago punk bands(I think lol) and Phallic Rescue which changed their name to Cattleprod before disbanding. The current line up for Killbot is Paul Ristow on Guitar, Luke Belville on bass, Blair Yoke on vocals, and Kris Hillen on drums

Profligate was a crust band I was in. I practiced with the band and only played one show with them. That one show was opening for D.R.I. from the start there were problems. The members really didn't get along. After the 1 show we broke up. Chris Luton and Sarah Lerner formed Atu with Mat Jones. Myself and Scott Butcher started WarheL. The line up for Profligate was Myself on vocals, Scott Butcher guitar, Chris Luton drums, and Sarah Lerner on bass.

Back Stabbath was a project I did with Josh york. The music was mainly influenced by ween. We did some recordings that are lost.

Snutskallar was a crust thrash punk band I was in when I lived in columbus ohio around 2006 the members were Myself on vocals, Laser bass, Brian Unlearn guitar, Jason guitar, Kevin drums. All the members were in great columbus punk bands like Killed in action, Apocabok, Dismal, etc.

Spectral blacksmith was a drone ambient doom project I did with Anthony porter. We did some recordings

Latrine Queens was a punk band I was in when I lived in columbus ohio prob around 2007 the line up was Myself on vocals, laser on bass, Taperworm joe on guitar, I forgot who the drummer was lol

Simian Raticus was a punk band I was in around 2007 the line up was myself on vocals, Mikie Krisis on guitar and Brent on drums.

Wizards of Ghetto Mountain is a stoner doom psychedelic rock band formed in 2009. The line up is Myself on vocals, Luke Belville on bass, Garrett Babb on guitar, Bob caution drums. Matthew walters played guitar for a few shows. Greg Gilbert also played guitar for a few shows. Travis lemon was our original guitarist but only played our first practice. We're recording demos and playing shows.

Purgatory euphoria

A wise man wept as a thief in the night crept. Robbing those who were distracted as they saw the light. The messiah retreated, the believers were defeated, and damnation was their plight. Oh it burns, Oh it burns, to be illuminated so bright.

Phantom utopia, Purgatory euphoria, infliction unleashed. Reptillian puppeteer, proprietor of fear, Man is the decieved beast.

Alpha illusion, Omega conclusion. Living your life on your knees. Subserviant for infinity, abscent is divinty. Your dna decides your destiny. Your master is the 33rd degree

Simian Ratticus lyrics. 2007-08

Simian Ratticus lyrics

I was in a punk band in 2007-08 called Simian Ratticus. It was myself on vocals, Mikie Krisis Guitar, & Brent on drums. We never had a bassist. We practiced at my old house @ 1325 r 4th ave. We never played live or recorded. I found the old notebook with the lyrics to the songs.

"Nailed to a burning cross"
Nailed t o a burning cross. The human race is a total loss. All we do is destroy the world. No savior in sight. Just kill after kill. Depleated and defeated the earth is a husk. All is conquered on this final dusk.

"Lord of Addiction"
Lord of addiction. Syringe crucifiction. You above all. I stand before you as I fall. In my veins is my god. Intoxication is my throne. Dialated is the kingdom.

"The final blade"
It has to be this way. This is the final blade that I'm gonna take in the back. All my trust has turned into dust.
I'm gonna get you. Revenge is my lust. Been betrayed day after day. You're so full of shit. Plagued by disgrace. Lies told by a smiling face. Motherfucker I'm gonna put you in your place.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Black mass galaxy

Planets colliding into each other one by one. Extinction unveiled supernova are the suns. The end triumphant, nothing supreme. All is sacrificed in this black mass galaxy.

The shattered rings of saturn lacerate space. The universe bleeds the stars away. The reaper reads the scripture. doom for you and me. All is sacrificed in this black mass galaxy.

It's time to fall by the wayside. Or it's time to ride. Which destiny will your fate coincide? It's time to live or it's time to die.

It's time to find a reason to carry on. Or will the black mass galaxy be the end of all?

Black mass galaxy, universe ending, stars and planets die. Master reaper is controlling, All is gone in the blink of an eye.

Deathbed repenter

Through out time man has obsessed of what happens after death. Religions and spirituality. Are these things really the key? Live a life of love or a life of hate. Will heaven or hell be your fate?

No one knows where they are gonna go when they die. I just wanna ride the highway in the sky.

We will all just have to find out for ourselves. If there is a afterlife for us to dwell. In the meantime there are many ways. Telling me where I'm gonna go on my dying day.

No one knows where they are gonna go when they die. I just wanna ride the highway in the sky.

You are a deathbed repenter You are a deathbed repenter you are a deathbed repenter

Dead tyrants

Dreaming so vibrant while sleeping in the blood of dead tyrants. Wondering where the time went avenging the lives spent. counting the heads of......

Our temples built from their bones. Our pews built from their thrones.

Chalices filled with the cut throats spilled of dead tyrants. Inri forgotten by the abscent minded. Absolution, restitution, our enemies will find them.

Our temples built from their bones. Our pews built from their thrones.

Into liquid light divide

The earth drinks our toxic piss. Worship drugs, chemicals, and pollutants. We evolve into mutants. We are coming to a conclusion. Of humanity this world witll purge. Acidic reign boils and burns. Blinders reminding confinement queens, that restriction resilient reigns supreme.

Apathetic parasites devouring minds. Into liquid light divide.

Expanding empires encompass supremecy. Ushering in an age of covert anarchy. Mediocracy mantains it's stranglehold on brains. A world of shit can not be contained. Self destruction by overconsumption. Depleated and defeated the planet erupts insane. We carry on with our obsessions. We get what we want with our ruthless aggression.

Unused warhel lyrics from a few years ago.

Alone in thought

My affective state has been desecrated. Feels like I've been eviscerated. I rise and conquer as anticipated. Those who plot my demise will be decimated.

Searching for meaning. Finding mystery, pleasure entwined with misery.
Searching for meaning. Finding mystery, pleasure entwined with misery.

Consequences coil so tightly. On reason I tread so lightly. In the darkness, indifference shines so brightly. so brightly. Apathy might be a savior, it just might be, it just might be.

Serpent Daughter

You are the daughter of the serpent of temptation and eve. The apple of my eye. Forbidden fruit between your thighs. You were born to devour hearts and boil bad blood over the cauldron. I can not resist the death kiss of the destroyer of all men.

Your magnetic black magic attracts me like a insect to your web. Entangled and devoured slowly. I am willing to end up dead. Your words like arsenic sweet nothings whispered in my ear. The unknown is now my home. I accept cruel fate with out fear. Serpent daughter you baptize me in black water but I never rise from it's depths. I sink slow the blood floats from the hole in my chest.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

confrontational meditation

Confrontational meditation. Basking in the radiation of our last conversation. The philosophical 3rd degree burns earn a turn on the lobotomy wheel. Where it lands we all kneel and take a communion of pills that absolve us of our kills. Sense is not being made. Sense has been discontinued. Confusion crawls and scrawls it's manifesto on the avenues. Chaos is common place. Order has been taken off the menu. Honor has been replaced by disgrace. Worship the amputee vishnu. Flags at half mast shoved up the ass of ascension. Impaled, in mid ascent failed. Stationary is now the revolution. Minds intertwine the asinine thoughts that lead to atrocities bought and sold. Like lies from forked tongues told. Confrontational meditation. chakras explode.

seeing through stained glass

The sunlight shining through the stained glass. Opens eyes long closed at last. The sleep felt like generations had gone by. The ruins of the cathedral was a sight for sore eyes. An oracle now leads a congregation on a death march. Last one standing now departs. The moonlight shines through the stained glass window. Illuminating the path on which to go. Seeing visions through stained glass. Delusions defined by the ghosts of the past. They haunt and will forever control. Unless you just let them go. If you don't they will bury you deep. In the graveyard throught the stained glass I see. You may pray to to the lord but your soul I will keep. You're nothing special. Many more I will reap.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

seduced by nooses

Self loathing soothes the savage beast. Lashing out, giving in, giving up, rinse, repeat. Follow these directions despite defeat. When you're buried underground you can't rise to your feet. Teeth floating in the babbling brook.
The flight hexed by the bites of the sacrifice. Onto the altar the evil eyes look. The lamb has slipped away. The blood spill, frenzy thrill will have to wait another day. So many masters so few slaves. By my hand never see the promised land. You lay slayed at it's gates.

Bright the light tried to shine but it can't illuminate all the darkness lost in minds. Diversion than insertion. Born from the ruins of reason rise. Crowns melted down to forge the sword of humanity's demise.

Black tar in the arms of the misanthropes. Hatred sedated, doctrines ill fated, use your delusion of hope. Necks seduced by nooses. laughing at the lives lost induces... a euphoria. You were always in on the joke.

eyes of insanity on the unknown's face

Misery is the blood in veins. The drinks flow with it to numb the pain. Nothing is the only feeling accepted..
Any kind of salvation self destruction rejected. Alone I sit and the thoughts race. The only satisfaction is an escape. The outside world for me there is no place. I gaze with eyes of insanity into the unknown's face.

The daylight exposes who I am. It sees through my transparent skin. My heart, my tomb, radiate regret in bloom. My fortress of solitude is drug induced. A haunted house of a mind. I retreat there now more than ever. It just feels right. My comfort zone is under a tombstone. Death is my delight. Will you lay with me there? Into the funeral pire stare. Under the moon tonight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paybacks are a Bitch and her bark is rhetoric

Addicted to her. Women are my drug of choice. Constant communication. Variety is the spice of vice. Holding a hand. Gazing into beautiful eyes. Lean in like lucifer. My forked tongue always whispers something nice. She knows better and leaves. It's ok I got another one coming over at five. I take my chances. I need to lay next to a body tonight. Who it ends up being is like russian roulette with a loaded gun. Brains blown out. She's the one. Paybacks a bitch and her bark is rhetoric. Her bite is what reels you in time and time again. I gotta call my fix and tell her I had fun. What ever she wants from me. I have none.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

vicarious queen

Here she slithers silent from the sidelines of the mindfield. The cocoons on stage, amplifiers incubate their days. The nights the moths emerge and play. She lives through this. She can't resist the comfort of the cover of darkness. Delusions of being an invisible individual radiate and illuminate her elusive fate. The reign of the vicarious queen hangs between the last splinter of the burning bridge. The water underneath evaporated before I can clean my dreams so dirty.

broadcast emotions fail

Broadcast emotions fail. Meaning meanders like a snake through my mind. Sometimes Biting letting me know that it's still there. It vanishes but the venom is left behind. Infecting my thoughts, rendering lessons taught forgot. Time spent with you is worth fool's gold. A fool I am A fool I'm sold. An old wives tale I was once told. Through the broken antennas unbroadcasted our love will grow.