Sunday, September 19, 2010

confrontational meditation

Confrontational meditation. Basking in the radiation of our last conversation. The philosophical 3rd degree burns earn a turn on the lobotomy wheel. Where it lands we all kneel and take a communion of pills that absolve us of our kills. Sense is not being made. Sense has been discontinued. Confusion crawls and scrawls it's manifesto on the avenues. Chaos is common place. Order has been taken off the menu. Honor has been replaced by disgrace. Worship the amputee vishnu. Flags at half mast shoved up the ass of ascension. Impaled, in mid ascent failed. Stationary is now the revolution. Minds intertwine the asinine thoughts that lead to atrocities bought and sold. Like lies from forked tongues told. Confrontational meditation. chakras explode.

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