Monday, September 27, 2010

List of bands/projects I've been in & members

Apocrypha-Practice only
Polish Corn dogs-shows only 1 live recording
Killbot- lost recordings shows

Profligate-1 show opening for D.R.I. live recording of that show exists
Warhel-Shows and Glorification of war demo
Back Stabbath-Lost recordings
Snutskallar-practicice only
Spectral Blacksmith-Recordings
Latrine Queens-Practice only
Simian Ratticus-Practice only
Wizards of Ghetto Mountain-shows, recordings, current and ongoing

Apocrypha was the first band I was in. We were a metal band and we never made it out of Kris Hillen's garage. lol the line up was Myself on vocals, Kris Hillen on drums, Gram rabey on bass, and Joey Cutler on guitar. Kris went on to join Human racist then Syphilis death Squad, and now is in Killbot. Joey cutler went on to join the Two Bit Hoods, then joined the Dig its. he was also in 90's huntington death metal band disinter who later changed their name to Wraithborn before disbanding.

Polish Corn dogs was a thrash punk band. The line up was Myself on vocals, Justin Steele on guitar, Rick Steele on drums, Mat Jones on bass, John Lang guitar for one gig, Josh york played guitar for a couple of gigs. Justin and Rick are now doing The fabulous brothers steele. Mat Jones went on to name and help form appalachian terror unit but was fired from the group.

Killbot was and is a Hardcore punk band  The original line up was Myself on vocals, Paul ristow on guitar, Luke Belville on bass and Steve Martin on drums. Paul Ristow was in huntington's first punk band Anti everything(correct me if I'm wrong)  Numerous chicago punk bands(I think lol) and Phallic Rescue which changed their name to Cattleprod before disbanding. The current line up for Killbot is Paul Ristow on Guitar, Luke Belville on bass, Blair Yoke on vocals, and Kris Hillen on drums

Profligate was a crust band I was in. I practiced with the band and only played one show with them. That one show was opening for D.R.I. from the start there were problems. The members really didn't get along. After the 1 show we broke up. Chris Luton and Sarah Lerner formed Atu with Mat Jones. Myself and Scott Butcher started WarheL. The line up for Profligate was Myself on vocals, Scott Butcher guitar, Chris Luton drums, and Sarah Lerner on bass.

Back Stabbath was a project I did with Josh york. The music was mainly influenced by ween. We did some recordings that are lost.

Snutskallar was a crust thrash punk band I was in when I lived in columbus ohio around 2006 the members were Myself on vocals, Laser bass, Brian Unlearn guitar, Jason guitar, Kevin drums. All the members were in great columbus punk bands like Killed in action, Apocabok, Dismal, etc.

Spectral blacksmith was a drone ambient doom project I did with Anthony porter. We did some recordings

Latrine Queens was a punk band I was in when I lived in columbus ohio prob around 2007 the line up was Myself on vocals, laser on bass, Taperworm joe on guitar, I forgot who the drummer was lol

Simian Raticus was a punk band I was in around 2007 the line up was myself on vocals, Mikie Krisis on guitar and Brent on drums.

Wizards of Ghetto Mountain is a stoner doom psychedelic rock band formed in 2009. The line up is Myself on vocals, Luke Belville on bass, Garrett Babb on guitar, Bob caution drums. Matthew walters played guitar for a few shows. Greg Gilbert also played guitar for a few shows. Travis lemon was our original guitarist but only played our first practice. We're recording demos and playing shows.

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  1. What the hell band was that whenever I did my best darby crash... ?? I don't remember much of that one...