Monday, September 27, 2010

Simian Ratticus lyrics

I was in a punk band in 2007-08 called Simian Ratticus. It was myself on vocals, Mikie Krisis Guitar, & Brent on drums. We never had a bassist. We practiced at my old house @ 1325 r 4th ave. We never played live or recorded. I found the old notebook with the lyrics to the songs.

"Nailed to a burning cross"
Nailed t o a burning cross. The human race is a total loss. All we do is destroy the world. No savior in sight. Just kill after kill. Depleated and defeated the earth is a husk. All is conquered on this final dusk.

"Lord of Addiction"
Lord of addiction. Syringe crucifiction. You above all. I stand before you as I fall. In my veins is my god. Intoxication is my throne. Dialated is the kingdom.

"The final blade"
It has to be this way. This is the final blade that I'm gonna take in the back. All my trust has turned into dust.
I'm gonna get you. Revenge is my lust. Been betrayed day after day. You're so full of shit. Plagued by disgrace. Lies told by a smiling face. Motherfucker I'm gonna put you in your place.

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