Monday, September 20, 2010

Into liquid light divide

The earth drinks our toxic piss. Worship drugs, chemicals, and pollutants. We evolve into mutants. We are coming to a conclusion. Of humanity this world witll purge. Acidic reign boils and burns. Blinders reminding confinement queens, that restriction resilient reigns supreme.

Apathetic parasites devouring minds. Into liquid light divide.

Expanding empires encompass supremecy. Ushering in an age of covert anarchy. Mediocracy mantains it's stranglehold on brains. A world of shit can not be contained. Self destruction by overconsumption. Depleated and defeated the planet erupts insane. We carry on with our obsessions. We get what we want with our ruthless aggression.

Unused warhel lyrics from a few years ago.

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