Tuesday, August 31, 2010

seduced by nooses

Self loathing soothes the savage beast. Lashing out, giving in, giving up, rinse, repeat. Follow these directions despite defeat. When you're buried underground you can't rise to your feet. Teeth floating in the babbling brook.
The flight hexed by the bites of the sacrifice. Onto the altar the evil eyes look. The lamb has slipped away. The blood spill, frenzy thrill will have to wait another day. So many masters so few slaves. By my hand never see the promised land. You lay slayed at it's gates.

Bright the light tried to shine but it can't illuminate all the darkness lost in minds. Diversion than insertion. Born from the ruins of reason rise. Crowns melted down to forge the sword of humanity's demise.

Black tar in the arms of the misanthropes. Hatred sedated, doctrines ill fated, use your delusion of hope. Necks seduced by nooses. laughing at the lives lost induces... a euphoria. You were always in on the joke.

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