Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A hog's happiness

"Ignorance is like the animal existence. The animal's life is full of suffering, but the animal does not know that he is suffering. Take the case of the hog. Of course, here in New York, no hog is seen. But in villages in India one sees the hog. Oh how miserable his life is, living in a filthy place, eating stools and always unclean. Yet the hog is very happy by eating stools, and having constant sexual intercourse with the she hog and just getting fat. The hog gets very fat, because of the spirit of enjoyment which is there, although for him, it is sensual enjoyment. We should not be like the hog, falsely thinking that we are very happy. Working hard all day and night, then having some sex life. We think that in this way we are very happy. But this is not happiness. This has been described in the Bhagavatam as a hog's happiness. Man's happiness is when he is situated in the mode of goodness. Then he can understand what true happiness is." -HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA From Krsna the reservoir of pleasure

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