Friday, November 5, 2010

Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser

I'm writing lyrics for my fake r&b album called Beggin for pussy music vol 2(in the poop shoot)

"Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser"

(verse 1)
You know your girl... who is your world
You think she's safe with me because of my obesity
You think big guys are safety nets
You think fat boys can't make your girl sweat
Well.... You got that wrong muthafukka... because...

Yo girl is a secret chubby chaser
When you're not lookin I date her
She gives me yo paper... and buys me foood!

(verse 2)
I like to spend time
Not wine and dine(ok I like to dine whispered)
When you're not lookin... yo girl is mine.
She loves my belly
She's ready for my jelly
Because it's too bellylicious and so nutritious


(Spoken in a 250 dollars worth of puddin voice)

Yo girl when she's with me I whisper in her softly in her ear
Lets hit the buffet baby with no fear
Then girl you can ride it on top
Because I'm lazy but I like to rock
Then when we're done havin fun
You can go back to yo man that thinks you're one

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  1. this single handedly made my day. god speed good sir.